Founded in 1989

A Bridges Company


Interoc Freight Services (IFS) are experts within the Logistics, Freight and Express Courier industry, providing neutral air and road freight consolidation facility through which freight forwarders, courier companies and airlines can benefit, by using the latest integration technologies, preferred capacity allocations and cost savings models. These attributes have been achieved through our strategic alliances with Bridges Worldwide as our parent company and all major airlines. We are now able to offer you a unique promise dedicated to your growth opportunities, to your brand perception and your cost to serve.


Our co-load solutions represent the most cost-effective, and environmentally friendly means to transport and develop the customer’s network and improve service standards. Interloc has developed domestic, regional and international networks by utilising complimentary commercial airlines indigenous to specific areas of the world, to link together and form a unique global Express system that is supported across the globe through our highly skilled and trained personnel and management teams.


IFS can provide comprehensive cargo management and consolidation service from any one of our 6 airside-based facilities throughout South Africa for both Air and Road freight as well as Regional and International. We operate daily Air and Road schedules between all main centres in South Africa with a combination of strategic airline partnerships that offer us more than 400 tons’ airfreight capacity per day and dedicated 8 ton and interlink vehicles. We specialize in breakbulk, full loads and dedicated custom-fitted solutions to your specific requirements.


We are fully accredited by the Department of Civil Aviation as a ‘Regulated Agent’ and training facility and our customers enjoy localised training in the comfort of our boardroom. As a ‘Regulated Agent,’ we opt for x-ray screening as our preferred method of making cargo known. Interloc Freight Services prides itself on being a truly diverse organisation; offering “one-stop-shop” services to its clients.


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